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I Invented StabiLens Because

I loved the beautiful, cinematic look I got while shooting on my gimbal but shooting on a gimbal also really sucked. I found myself making creative compromises because on most shoots I don’t have the time to rebalance my gimbal more than once. The StabiLens™ gimbal ring solves that problem and allows me to be more creative and get exactly the shot I want every time. I spent a year churning out dozens of prototypes before we discovered the perfect design that was universal, sleek and nearly invincible.

StabiLens is made of the highest quality medical grade silicone and can stand up to the most demanding shoots in the harshest filming environments. StabiLens means quality and that’s why we warranty all of our products against defects for life. Don’t trust me? Buy one for yourself and see.

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Zac Miller – Creator of Stabilens

Zac Miller -Creator of Stabilens

I have a true passion for video.

Zac Miller invented the StabiLens Gimbal Ring. He began his career in 2005 getting his hands dirty on independent feature films in Boston. Since then Zac moved to LA and worked on Television shows, films, commercials, corporate videos, and web content for clients like CBS, ABC, 21st Century FOX, National Geographic, Diet Pepsi, HGTV, MTV and WGBH. He’s produced educational content for Harvard Medical School, The National Science Foundation and The US Department of Transportation.

In 2017 Zac quit his position as the production manager on CBS’s Big Brother and opened an independent production company called Uncommon Image Studios. He shoots high end content for diverse clients from local businesses to national brands. Zac also teaches video production at Clarkson University in New York State.

Zac’s won national awards for screenwriting, advertising, and directing. He used to be a proud IATSE union member (local 481) and is a current member of the Producer’s Guild of America.


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Stabilens Reviews

StabiLens held up to the pounding our gear takes during field productions and intense travel.

Mike Mike

The workflow I developed for the StabiLens™ Gimbal Ring means I can balance all of my lenses once during shoot prep and then swap lenses all day long.

DP Tony Marten DP Tony Marten

As is typical for live events, the turnaround between key moments we need for feature content at Overwatch League is usually pretty tight. I fly a MoVI M15, and I’ve had to pick my lens changes carefully since a rebalance might mean letting a moment go. Our Tokina 14-20 was almost impossible to rotate in since it’s in a different weight class than our Sigma Cine Zooms and required a MoVI cage reconfiguration. With the StabiLens I can visit our cart, switch to any lens in our kit, and be back on stage rolling camera within a minute.

Boa Simon, Director of Photography, Overwatch Boa Simon, Director of Photography, Overwatch (League feature content)

With StabiLens™ I can hot-swap lenses on my gimbal without wasting any valuable time on set. We are saving time in production and in the editing room.

Sebastian Sebastian (roving camera)
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