Frequently Asked Questions


What is StabiLens?

The StabiLens Gimbal Ring is a patented first of it’s kind camera accessory that was invented by Zac Miller in 2018 after Zac was frustrated with the limitations of shooting with his gimbal. StabiLens allows video camera operators the ability to swap lenses and accessories instantly on any gimbal without rebalancing.


Never Rebalance Your Gimbal Again… Really?

Yes, StabiLens is built around a one-and-done pre-balance workflow. All you need to do is balance your gimbal once with your largest lens, and then balance each of your additional lenses using a StabiLens Gimbal Ring.


How Does The StabiLens Gimbal Ring Work?

The StabiLens Gimbal Ring works by adding precise weight and giving all of your lenses the same center of gravity. This allows you to swap lenses without the need for rebalancing.


Why Do I Need to Worry If My Gimbal Is a Little Off Balance?

Shooting with an improperly balanced gimbal will strain the motors, drain the battery and may cause the gimbal to make micro shakes at certain angles that you may not notice while you’re shooting, which will ruin you shot. Needless to say, it’s not good.

The StabiLens Gimbal Ring will change the way you shoot with your gimbal


How Do I Balance My Gimbal With A StabiLens Gimbal Ring?

Check out our video tutorials


What Happens If I Change the Balance On My Gimbal?

All you need to do is re-balance your gimbal using any of your pre-balanced lenses and then all of your other lenses will be balanced again. You’ll never need to re-balance on set again.


How Many StabiLens Gimbal Rings Do I Need?

Your largest lens (the reference lens) does not need a ring. Each additional lens needs one ring per lens


Won’t This Make My Gimbal Too Heavy?

No! The StabiLens system was built to add as little weight as possible to your rig. In fact, if you’re using a family of lenses then it’s likely that your lenses are already a similar size and weight. For instance, all 4 of the lenses in the Rokinon T1.5 cine prime lens kit (24mm, 25mm, 50mm and 85mm) are within 125g of one another. That means you could balance all four of those lenses by adding less than about ¼ pound to your rig. In fact, some lenses are so close that we’ve achieved a perfect balance in testing by adding an empty ring, or a ring with only one or two weights.


How Heavy is Each StabiLens Gimbal Rings?

An empty StabiLens ring is only about 21 grams. That’s about the same weight as two sharpies. A fully loaded ring weighs just over half a pound (261 grams). You only need to add as much weight as it takes to match the center of balance of your reference lens.


How Heavy Are The Weights?

Each Tungsten Alloy weight is 12g. Each Stainless Steel weight is 5g. You can place 20 weights in every StabiLens™ Gimbal Ring.


What Is a Gimbal Ring?

A StabiLens Gimbal Ring is a patented first of it’s kind gimbal accessory that allows camera operators the ability to swap lenses without rebalancing their gimbals. It works completing a one time setup that matches the center of gravity of each lens and allows users to keep all three axes of their gimbal balanced while swapping lenses.


What Is Tungsten Alloy?

Tungsten alloy is a safe, ultra-dense metal with 1.6X the density of lead and doesn’t rust.


Can StabiLens Balance Every Lens?

StabiLens was designed to be as universal as possible but there are limitations. It can only add a maximum of 261 grams to your lens. That means if you have two lenses that are extremely different in size and weight StabiLens may not be able to make them balance. You may use multiple StabiLens rings to balance very heavy lenses but StabiLens was designed to be used with lighter, more gimbal friendly lenses.


Our Clients Say
About Us.

StabiLens held up to the pounding our gear takes during field productions and intense travel.

Mike Mike

The workflow I developed for the StabiLens™ Gimbal Ring means I can balance all of my lenses once during shoot prep and then swap lenses all day long.

DP Tony Marten DP Tony Marten

As is typical for live events, the turnaround between key moments we need for feature content at Overwatch League is usually pretty tight. I fly a MoVI M15, and I’ve had to pick my lens changes carefully since a rebalance might mean letting a moment go. Our Tokina 14-20 was almost impossible to rotate in since it’s in a different weight class than our Sigma Cine Zooms and required a MoVI cage reconfiguration. With the StabiLens I can visit our cart, switch to any lens in our kit, and be back on stage rolling camera within a minute.

Boa Simon, Director of Photography, Overwatch Boa Simon, Director of Photography, Overwatch (League feature content)

With StabiLens™ I can hot-swap lenses on my gimbal without wasting any valuable time on set. We are saving time in production and in the editing room.

Sebastian Sebastian (roving camera)
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